Marketing Strategy

Without an effective marketing strategy you will allow your marketing decisions to be made by whim. You’ll miss opportunities and could become blinded by ego driven marketing. The following posts will give your marketing strategy a laser sharp focus.

Your Marketing Strategy Is The Key To Growing Your Business

If you’re new to building a marketing strategy these articles will help you immensely. These marketing techniques involve strategies for building your business and getting results. They’re not about “getting your name out there.” Marketing should be about four things:

  • Attracting Prospects (leads, potential customers, whatever you want to call your potential customers)
  • Converting Leads into Customers
  • Converting Customers into Clients (repeat customers)
  • Converting Clients into Advocates

Throughout these articles you’ll find your marketing strategy is not only about acquiring new customers but retaining existing customers. The marketing techniques you’ll find useful will depend on where your are with your marketing strategy and the decisions you need to make.

Marketing Techniques For The Real World

These articles will involve practical marketing techniques for you to implement in the following areas:

Read around. If you don’t see something you’re looking for, just contact me with your questions and I’ll do what I can to help.

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You Want To Listen To This Interview

(clearing my throat) Step right up folks… Who wants marketing tricks and secrets? What about really true sales tips? The facts? You know, the things that really work. Or another marketing cliché that gets mucho clicks but little substance? Except this link will give you substance. It’s not just a clickbait headline. A couple weeks ago Tom Morkes interviewed me for his “In The Trenches” podcast. …

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Want A Viral Product? You Want To Leverage The Network Effect First

Network Effect

I’ve read a few books, and too many blog posts, on how things go viral. They use examples like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as viral success stories. Then they try to work backwards to find the ‘triggers’ you can use to make a viral product. Well, those all have one thing in common that your product probably doesn’t. It’s called the Network Effect. As more …

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List Rot

List Rot

I recently removed one-third of my email list. It’s not something I’m happy about. But I’m not unhappy either. It is what it is. Most of the people removed haven’t opened an email or clicked a link in the past year. So why keep them around, right? I wrestled with the thought of losing all these potential customers. But the reality is this… Your email list …

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