Chasing Chickens

A friend of ours is raising 6 chickens. I watched the kids run around the yard chasing them.

If they ran up to one, it would shoot off another direction. A kid would slowly follow another chicken into a corner and, as he reached out to grab it, the chicken would dart off and escape.

It reminded me of the chasing chickens scene in the movie Rocky 2. Micky tells him, “If you can catch this thing you can catch greased lightening.”

When a kid caught a chicken, the chicken was docile. It was calm and easy to carry. One kid had the chicken on her lap and the chicken was laying on its back.

Chasing chickens is the way most people treat their clients.

They run after the client screaming, “Stop! I won’t hurt you.”

They try and corner the client.

They put pressure and constraints forcing the client to run away and avoid the close.

Eventually your clients start to slow down. You’ve worn them down. And you can finally snatch one and show it off to your friends.

Chasing is the hard way.

Attracting is easier.

Client attraction takes more thought but doesn’t leave you, or your client, exhausted after. It starts your relationship energized and full of hope.

And that’s a much better way to start.

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