Emotional Appeal

Emotional appealPeople buy on emotion and justify with logic. You want emotional appeal.

This has been repeated by every sales trainer and marketing guru I've ever heard. You've probably read, or heard it, in some form or another.

The point is: Get your customer emotionally committed and they'll create logical reasons why they bought.

It's true.

You want to persuade the part of your buyer's mind that makes decisions behind the scenes. The "other than conscious" mind.

Some call it the subconscious, the other than conscious, or the unconscious. Daniel Kahneman calls it System 2.

This is the part that works directly with your emotions.

Maybe you've said something like:

  • It just doesn't feel right.
  • My gut is telling me to do this now.
  • I can't put my finger on it but...

That's your unconscious telling you something, in its language, but you can't translate into words. You get, "just the feelings."

Your unconscious is also the part of you that runs most of what you do each day. You may think you're running the show but you're on autopilot 99.7% of the day (my unscientific estimate).

Your unconscious is what keeps your heart beating. It keeps you on the road while you drive your car, eat a hamburger, and talk on your cell phone, all at the same time.

Have you ever walked into a store, or someone's home, and had flashes of a childhood memory? I mentally travelled back to my grandma's house, with all the pastries she just baked on the kitchen counter, after walking into a bakery recently.

This happens because of a trigger. Something in your 5 senses, often a scent or sound, causes your unconscious to flash back in time and bring up all those warm, fuzzy feelings now.

And the same thing applies when negative feelings pop up out of nowhere.

As I was describing these various scenarios, did they trigger any memories? Did you experience something similar or relate to a time when it happened to you?

Your unconscious is able to do all the background processing, and give you virtual smack in the forehead with the flashback, while you're consciously paying attention to the words you're reading.

You want to do the same thing with your customers.

Help them unconsciously make the decision to buy.

Reach in to their unconscious.

Trigger buying emotions, get emotional appeal, and remove the emotional blocks.

Your gut tells you it's just the right thing to do. And you'll consciously create the logical reasons why.

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