The First Use Of Any Product

Remember the movie Inception?

Leo DiCaprio was the main character. He had the technology to travel inside someone's mind while they were sleeping. While there he would screw with their dreams.

He would go inside your mind and plant ideas. When you wake up you wouldn't know any difference.

Eventually the idea he planted would blossom and be recognized. It would be acted on.

As far as I know, this technology to go inside someone's dream isn't available.


You can plant ideas in the minds of your clients. You can create your own inception point.

It doesn't require you to dive in, layer after layer, of your client's unconscious mind, like in the movie.

All it requires is language.

Words. These things you're reading now.

The sounds you utter when talking.

Your communication can create the inception point.

How? Get your client to imagine using your product.

That's it. Really. It's that simple.

If your client can't imagine it, he won't act upon it.

Your goal is to get them using it in their mind first. Only then will they be able to decide to buy.

Remember, the first use of any product is in the mind of your client.

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