Hillary, Killary, Crock

A Friction Free Sales and Marketing client, who asked to remain anonymous, sent me an email that said:

“I dare you to email your list next time and say something personally bad about Killary too. There is plenty material to pull from too, how about the slew of ‘accidental’ deaths of anyone with knowledge of what she may have done to show her criminality, mere coincidence? I think not. I am not a trump fan either, but the fact that you attacked the Donald personally, suggests by omission that you support Killary and that would be a shame.”

He’s right.

And this makes for great blog material.

We have a tendency to think if someone rejects one idea they support another.

We play that popular game called, “Jump to conclusions.”


Thinking is hard.

It takes a lot of mental bandwidth to slice through all the details and make an educated decision. There are many things going on in the world of politics.

Foreign relations. Military. Business regulations. Environment. Gay marriage. Taxes. Illegal aliens. etc. etc. etc.

So we fall into a party line.

It shortcuts thought.

We don’t have to research the many details behind each topic. It saves our brain the energy it needs to worry about what’s going on at work, with the kids, and everything else immediately important.

And when we shortcut thought, when someone disagrees with our party line then they must support the other side.

Research has been done where they tell Republicans and Democrats the same thing. To one group they say a popular Republican said the statement. The other group is told a popular Democrat said it.

Guess what?

If you’re a Republican and told a Republican said it, you believe it and agree with the statement.

If you’re a Democrat and told a Democrat said it, you believe it and agree with the statement.

If you were the opposite party, you didn’t believe and didn’t agree.

Of course we’re smarter than that. We would behave differently, wouldn’t we?

You have beliefs that fall the same way in your business. So keep an eye out and question everything.

And to appease a happy client, I agree. Hillary is a disaster. I don’t know details about the deaths but she has a frightening trail of unanswered questions behind her.

I tweeted it before:

“Don’t consider my dislike for your presidential candidate as a statement that I like your opponent. I despise all the candidates equally.”

Have fun.

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