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Articles on social influence. How to persuade your customer's emotions, beliefs, and unconscious to drive behavior changes.

Blah, blah, blah this year

I'm not one who spends a lot of time on social media. I do enjoy diving into The Twitters every now and then and reading what's going on. Over the past couple weeks it's been a lot of "Woe is us. 2016 is so bad," and, "2016 is killing everyone and everything." That may be […]

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The Election Persuasion Play

Tomorrow is election day, for us in the US. It brings the end of this drawn out circus. But what a show it has been. The persuasion plays driving the major parties have been enthralling. Online it has been one side against the other. Nobody really seems to be for something. They seem to only […]

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My Dog's View Of People

Woof. This is Winston. Matt's dog. Matt has been away training some company's salespeople this week. I haven't seen him much. I'm really happy to see him when he gets home. But no matter how much I wag my tail and jump up to greet him, he looks exhausted. He probably hasn't emailed you much […]

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Selective Rationalization

When we want to do something, and don't think we can, we compare ourselves with those who do it well and look for all the ways they're different. They're smarter. Have better luck, leads, connections. Etc. When we think we can do it, we find all the ways we are similar. This is like the […]

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Silence is golden. No. Silence more valuable than gold. It is priceless. Sit two people in a room and introduce them to each other. They’ll start talking. If silence does come over them, it will become uncomfortable. As the silence drags on it become a pressure so tight that one will eventually start talking. People […]

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3 Types of Stupid

I've been listening to a lot of comedians recently. The car we bought this year has a free year of satellite radio, and I always listen to the comedy channels when driving (if not, a book or podcast on my phone). I heard a bit by Tom Segura recently which had me laughing so hard […]

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