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Articles on social influence. How to persuade your customer's emotions, beliefs, and unconscious to drive behavior changes.

Hillary, Killary, Crock

A Friction Free Sales and Marketing client, who asked to remain anonymous, sent me an email that said: “I dare you to email your list next time and say something personally bad about Killary too. There is plenty material to pull from too, how about the slew of ‘accidental’ deaths of anyone with knowledge of […]

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You Stop Learning And They Stop Buying

When you’re selling you have to remember who your audience is. This is a given. A friend gave me a book to read and said I’d love it. I’m not going to tell you the name of the book for 2 reasons: 1. It was okay and 2. I don’t care for the author. When […]

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Your Tortilla Is Inside Out

A friend told me a story about the lunch she packed for her husband. She made him a burrito. And packed his lunch with all her new-bride love. He happily went off to work. He came home and told her how the guys at work laughed at him. As he went to eat his burrito […]

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Following The Crowd

Warren Buffet tells a joke about a prospector trying to get into heaven. St. Peter stops the prospector at the gates and tells him that heaven's prospector limit is full and he can't let him in. The speculator stops and thinks for a moment. He then leans into the gates and yells, "Hey, boys! Oil […]

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Deadlines, Resistance, And Taxes

Taxes are due this weekend. Oh the joy. I paid ours share yesterday. It's painful. But not having the burden would be much worse. The IRS understands the importance of a deadline. If they weren't due on April 15th (the 18th this year!) we would never get around to filing. Today I've wanted to write […]

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The Worthless $180,000 Piano

As we walk into Costco I notice they have grand pianos for sale. There are six sitting there all brightly polished and behind velvet ropes. My son plays the piano (very well for an 11 yr old) and wants to look at them. As we walk up I start to notice the price tags. They […]

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