My Dog's View Of People


This is Winston. Matt's dog.

Matt has been away training some company's salespeople this week.

I haven't seen him much. I'm really happy to see him when he gets home.

But no matter how much I wag my tail and jump up to greet him, he looks exhausted. He probably hasn't emailed you much this week. So I climbed up the desk to tell you about something going on here.

People are filled with habits. I noticed how easy you can use this to train them.

The humans think they're training me but... I'm training them.

It's not hard.

When Kathy (she's the mom) goes to the kitchen, I follow her. Then I sit and stare at her. It's easy to do.

When I do that, she always says, "Awwww..Winston you're sooo cute." She always says that. And I start wagging my tail and looking happy.

And guess what happens? That's right. She gives me a snack.

I can do this when they're eating dinner.

I can do this whenever I want. It's sooo funny.

You'd think humans would realize how easy they are to train. But they don't.

They walk around here and do the same things over and over.

I just lay on the couch and watch.

If the my boy growls and looks at my girl in that weird way, I know the girl will get mad. He has her trained too. Both of these kids have Matt and Kathy trained too.

I don't know if your home is different but I bet it's the same. Every human that comes through this house seems to have patterns. You only need to pay attention.

Other than digging up the yard all I do is watch them. And watch for patterns to train them to give me more treats.

Anyhow, Matt should be back soon. He finished yesterday and seems to be getting back to his routines again.

Woof out.
(Matt's dog.)

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