I Can Do This All Day

My family became hooked on the Marvel franchise after seeing Civil War this year.

After Civil War I looked into the Avenger series and watched them in order. First up was Captain America.

In the beginning he's a skinny kid. Some bullies start beating him up. He gets up each time he's knocked down. They taunt and tell him to stay down.

He slowly stands up. He painfully raises his fists to fight. As he wipes the blood off his lip he calmly says, "I can do this all day."

It seems like any movie in the Marvel series with Captain America he has that line.

It's one of the reasons he was chosen for the experiment that transformed him into Captain America.

He has heart. Persistence. He fights on. Fighting for what's right and will push on despite being consistently beat down.

Some days it feels that way.

Nothing seems to click. Everything gets screwy. Sales drop. Someone cuts you off. Every line you're in is the last to move. Your body aches.

Other days you're hitting on all cylinders. You're pushing yourself to finish a big project. Close a nice sale. Motivate a coworker or employee. Or maybe push through a workout.

Either way, I've found that little line to be motivating when it comes to selling.

I can do this all day.

Win or lose.

I can do this all day.

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