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Be Like Hulk

Bruce Banner only becomes the Hulk when he’s angry. He has to keep that anger in check. If not, he transforms into the Hulk and destroys everything in sight. There’s a scene in The Avengers when the Hulk is needed. Captain America says to Bruce, "Dr. Banner, now would be a good time for you […]

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The Circle of Life

I was talking with a group of salespeople a few weeks ago about this year's plans. One commented on his goals. When I asked about how he compared it to last year he waved his hands at me and said, "That's in the past." Yup. It reminds me of a scene in The Lion King. […]

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It's Over

If you're reading this in Australia, it's already Jan 1, 2017. Congratulations. Another year has rolled by. You're probably sick of reading the mental jerking of bloggers posting about what they accomplished in 2016. I am. How does that help you? It doesn't but it gives them something to talk about. Lucky us. I won't […]

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Sea of Knowledge

The Phantom Tollbooth was required reading for my son's literature class. My son enjoys reading. Yet, I feared he wouldn't enjoy required reading. I decided to read the books too. This way we could talk about them and keep him motivated. The latter wasn't necessary because he devoured the stories. I'd never heard of The […]

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I Can Do This All Day

My family became hooked on the Marvel franchise after seeing Civil War this year. After Civil War I looked into the Avenger series and watched them in order. First up was Captain America. In the beginning he's a skinny kid. Some bullies start beating him up. He gets up each time he's knocked down. They […]

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The Cruel Joke

That’s what I call it. The cruel joke. What is this joke? We are the only animals on this planet who know we’re going to die. Pretty sucky, right? All other animals get to live in the moment. No anxiety for the future. No regrets of the past. We humans fog our ability to enjoy […]

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Stop Losing Sales

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