"All Of Us At Some Point Wonder If What We're Doing Matters."

This is a letter to Jeff Goins (If you’re not Jeff, you can read this too. It’s okay.).

I finished the review copy of your book You Are A Writer. Very well done.

For many people, I think it will be a punch in the gut when they read the line:

“All of us at some point wonder if what we’re doing matters.”

You Are A Writer by Jeff GoinsI started this site for that reason alone. I want to improve the lives of those who influence other’s for a living.

Almost everyone I’ve met on this rock called Earth has something inside them crying for that feeling. There’s a desire beat down and holding them back from doing something that matters.

Your book is written for the writer. It’s for someone who wants to pour his soul onto a page and create magic. However, what I took away extends to almost anyone who wants to do something that matters.

Your story, about how you became the writer you are today, is great. The most important piece of your journey started when you realized You Are A Writer. When you made that mental shift everything changed, and I think that’s what will help those who read your book.

Be - Do - Have

I first learned the lesson of “Be, Do, Have” over 15 years ago. I don’t remember where I first read it but I’ve heard the example many times from self-help, law of attraction, and other gurus since then.

You were doing the writing. Yet you didn’t feel you could call yourself (Be) a writer because it wasn’t “good.” You also didn’t have the success you wanted because you were focused on the wrong aspect of writing.

Many people think you need to have certain knowledge in order to do the work and be a writer.

If you notice, in these last two paragraphs the order wasn’t Be - Do - Have. While you were struggling, your order was Do – Be – Have. In the latter paragraph it was Have – Do – Be.

When you look at the point where those who finally become successful and, “turn pro,” as Steven Pressfield calls it, they identify with their dream (Be) before they Do the type of work that gives them the success they desire (Have).

That’s what I gleaned from your story. How you finally made the decision to Be – Do – Have.

Who Do You Want To Be In This World?

“Before anyone else called me one, I believed I was a writer. And I started acting like one.”

I love that line. It’s hard to create a new identity and begin living it. It’s hard to have outside factors trying to keep you in a familiar box. You did… You took the road less traveled ”and that has made all the difference.”

Your book, and your story, is about giving oneself permission to be who you want to be. Yes, you also discuss writing, building a platform, getting published, etc. But if someone takes these and doesn’t truly identify and Be A Writer then the path won’t open up. Following the advice won’t lead to the satisfaction or success we all want out of life.

I know I only shaved off a sliver of what you wrote and emphasized its importance here. I think this sliver will resonate with those who seek to “do something that matters.” It doesn’t have to be writing, or an art form. It can be anything someone seeks to get that feeling.

As I said before, "Very well done." I hope your book does fantastic and people begin to Be who they want to be. I am glad I found your writing. And I’m glad You Are A Writer.

If you’ve read this far and are NOT Jeff Goins, check out his site and get his book, You Are A Writer, at YouAreAWriter.com or Amazon.

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