The Jolt Of Attention

Bee- Jolt of AttentionWhat quickly gets your attention and makes you snap out of your daily trance?

I can tell you what happened to me while walking this morning.

I’m almost home. I’m listening to a marketing seminar and wrapped up in the story being told through my earbuds.

A bee buzzed by my face. It didn’t bother me. I kept my attention to the story.

Then it came back. It was a few inched from my face and hovered. Instantly, and unconsciously, my hand flew up and swatted it away.

When I swung at it I hit the cord to my earbuds and yanked them out of my head, out of my phone, and sent them flying into the street.

This sudden jolt happened faster than I could be aware of the steps. It just happened.

You’ve experienced this before. You’ve experienced it when buying too.

For some reason whatever the person was selling triggered something that made you stop.

When a bee buzzes in your face you know what trigger the hands flailing around. When you get that reaction when buying you usually don’t know what it is.

Something doesn’t “feel right.” Or, you “just need to think about it.”

And if it’s happening to you it’s happening with your customers every day.

That’s why I talk about sales resistance. So you can identify the triggers in your process, in your offer, and in your customer.

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