The Question Game

sales question gameMy son has been reading the Dangerous Book For Boys. It has a game we found to be a lot of fun. It's rather challenging.

And it's a great lesson in the art of persuasion.

Here's the game:

One person asks questions. The other person has to answer the question without hesitating. The kicker. The person answering the question isn't allowed to say "Yes" or "No" - or simple variations like "Of course" or "Never." And you can't answer the same way twice.

And that's your goal. To question the person in a way to get them to answer with a "Yes" or "No."


And, it's not easy.

Do you think you could do it?

Ha. Got you.

The funny part: I kept getting the kids right at the start.

Me, "Are you ready to start playing?"

FoxJr, "Yes."

Me, "Got you."

He didn't like that.

Why Is This Game Helpful?

I challenge you to do this with a friends or family in the next day. Give it a shot for 5 minutes.

Be the person asking the questions. Then be the person attempting to NOT give a "Yes" or "No" answer.

What you'll find is your unconscious immediately shouts in your head, "Yes" or "No."

Unconsciously, you can't NOT answer a question asked.

Your brain is conditioned to answer questions. It's socially unacceptable to NOT answer a question.

So go play with this game.

Because the key to every sale is asking the right questions.

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