Right Answer Or Wrong Question?

"If the answer is right who cares if the question is wrong" - From The Phantom Tollbooth

right answer, wrong question

More people keep shouting what they think is the right answer. They don't spend a second on the questions asked. They just keep shouting their answers.

Social media makes it worse. How many horrible political posts and 'memes' do you see each day?

They continually amplify their fragment of reality. They ignore the deeper questions that should be investigated.

But memes and rants get a lot of likes. A bunch of "favs" and shares. So they keep doing it, digging deeper into their faulty beliefs.

What about you? Your business?

I've met many who do. They take on the current trendy marketing gimmick. Or they run around chasing fires that need to be put out.

They ignore the strategy behind the hot idea. Instead running from one to the next.

We get stuck. Running the same routines. The same habits. Treading the same rut.

They don't take the time to ask the right questions and make their business run Friction Free, as I like to say.

Their excuse, "I don't have the time." And they're right.

Only when we take the time will we have the time.

On a related note, I was recently interviewed by Chris Davis for the ActiveCampaign podcast about how I use their platform to automate some of my marketing.

I love ActiveCampaign. If you do any email marketing and want to upgrade to a marketing automation platform ActiveCampaign is my recommendation. It's a tool.

It requires a new way of thinking. But once you get your head around it your systems become, well, Friction Free.

Go listen to the episode and discover how I think about marketing, automation, and all the processes involved before I start. This is the strategy.

Click to listen here.

The strategies can be used with other tools.

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