Routine-train tracksAnother new year has started. Are you tired of the New Year Resolution info that floats this time of year?

It's the same routine each time this year.

Set your goals.

The past is behind you now.

Time to start over.

Big change is ahead.

It's the same routine each year. And that's the key word… . Routine.

Funny how an arbitrary slot on a calendar someone made years ago is the time to make things new. The signpost signifying it's time to refresh. To do something different.

Yet we stay on the same path.

Because of routines.

This is good when you're selling. You want to know your customer's routines. You want to know their habits. You want to understand your customer's habitual way of buying. So you can naturally slide into their buying process.

But what about you?

When you look into the mirror do you think you're different? Can you easily break your habits and routines?

If you're married, have kids, or someone important in your life, you understand how hard it can be to break routines.

The alarm clock is the power button for your automatic pilot system and your unconscious takes over. You wake up and start your day the same. You go through similar emotions each day.

If you compared yesterday with any day of last week, how different was it? Did you struggle to figure out where your wife put the toothpaste? Did you make the same decisions for lunch? Did you spend the first hour of each day the same way?

Are these routines you created or did they evolve due to necessity?

Most likely, they evolved out of necessity with little choice by you.

Rethink your habits.

If you want to make giant changes, start small.

What's the smallest change you can make on a daily basis? How can you make that a habit, a routine?

You want small changes that won't cause everyone in your life to wonder what's got into you. Unconsciously, the people around you will try and push you back to your old habit. They don't want you interrupting their routines.

This is why it's best to start small. And add as it becomes more natural.

This isn't dream big advice. It's small habits that make big changes.

A one inch movement each day isn't much. But over time it's several feet, then several miles. And you're in an entirely different land.

This is the first email from me that's taking me into "small change land."

I've been talking with a lot of great entrepreneurs recently. You'll hear more about that later.

Personally, the one thing I want to do is write more... to you. Small changes.

Baby steps.

And as you grow, they become the steps of a giant.

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