The herd has been officially recognized. Merriam-Webster finally placed the word "sheeple" in their dictionary.

Finally, we recognize those we love with a coveted place in the dictionary.

The thing that tickled me the most is the example about Apple users being sheeple. (See the image)

Sheeple Definition

I’m sure there are a lot of Apple fans who will get pissed about being classified in this manner. But we’re all sheeple in one category or another.

Just go to Facebook and Twitter and read all the political rants. Those who think they’re ’thinking’ aren’t doing much more thinking than anyone else. It’s rare to find someone who can, or will, effectively argue both sides of the political coin.

People don’t like to think.

Thinking is hard work.

You have to take all the information in and attempt to rationally sort things out. How do you know if you have all the data to make a decision? Is it the right data? Have I looked enough?

"If I think, then I could make a wrong decision. And I don’t want to feel bad later. Make the decision for me, please." - Your customer’s unconscious thoughts.

Feed the sheeple.

It’s your job to help them make good decisions. It’s an art and a science.

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