Why? Reason Backwards

Your brain is constantly searching for reasons. Unconsciously it's running in the background, like a curious two-year old, asking "Why?"

It takes what is happening today and reasons backwards to make a cause-effect relationship. You can't not do it.

You probably have someone in your family at the holiday dinner table that likes to say, "You know what the real problem with (whatever subject) is today?" And then spews his/her reason. (Hopefully this isn't you.)

We like to simplify.

Your brain can't be expected to hold the many real reasons. So it dumbs everything down into one or two that, "make sense."

You don't want to argue with people like this because they're done thinking. They've got their answer. And anything that doesn't fit it is discarded as someone attacking them, you don't fully understand the "truth," etc.

When selling you want to provide the logic.

You can reason backwards for your customer. Help them make a good decision and logically back up the emotions they're feeling.

When you understand how resistance stop your customers you can logically and emotionally help them buy.

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