Your Most Sensitive Body Part

butt pocketsIf you try to rush the moment you get your hand slapped away.

It takes a little caressing before you can get near it. You have to gain trust. Build a little rapport. Let them know you understand them, their problems, and their dreams.

If you don’t, you’ll make the other person angry. They’ll get defensive. They may never let me get near it again.

It takes a lot of work to get into someone’s pocket, and into their wallet.

I think it’s the most sensitive part of your body.

I read some of these marketing monkeys and wonder what their intention is. They seem like a date rapists. "It wasn’t really a 'no.' Just keep going after the sale, who cares about refunds if you have more sales."

There’s no respect for their customer. No trust in the customer. Nothing.

It’s the old "churn and burn" philosophy.

That’s not good for you.

This is a long game. I call them customers but I really mean clients.

You have to be respectful. You can’t be needy. You can’t be slick.

You must be willing to walk away and on to the next opportunity the moment you realize it isn’t good for you or your customer.

When you treat the pocketbook like any other sensitive body part, you’re playing the right game. Remember to dance the seductive dance.

You’ll both enjoy it more.

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