Do You Use Words That Influence With Intention?

Influence with intentionRecently I was coaching a group of top producers. The lesson was about improving communication with your clients.

When starting I said we'll work on building some effective scripts.

Several started grumbling. They didn't like scripts and they had it all in their head.

Doh! (Smacks forehead)

Strike one for me.

I realize salespeople don't like sales scripts. And I wasn't intending to rewrite everything they said.

I wanted them to understand how the words they use impacts their clients.

I wanted to help them construct language that would slide ideas and thoughts into the customer's mind unchallenged.

Yet, I screwed up by being lazy with my language.


As much as salespeople hate them, you should spend time writing out what you want to say.

Most salespeople wing it and have created accidental scripts.

You start your presentation a certain way because that's the habit you fell into.

You describe your product a certain way because that's the habit you fell into.

You ask for the sale a certain way because that's the habit you fell into.

You built these habits because of the response you received from customers. And the response wasn't always the sale but you built these habits.

It's pure operant conditioning.

A Word Is Like A Handle On A Suitcase

"A word is like a handle on a suitcase; it allows us to grasp and carry the experiences in the suitcase. When you hear a word that you don't know the meaning of, it is just a sound, because it doesn't indicate anything to you. It is like an empty suitcase - or perhaps a handle with no suitcase attached - because it doesn't connect with any scope of experience."
- Steve Andreas, Six Blind Elephants, Vol. 1

When was the last time you thought about the words you use?

How would you feel, if you were a customer, hearing the words you speak?

Would you understand what you were talking about? Are you dumbing it down enough?

Do you use simple stories and metaphors to make it understandable?

Do you use sensory based words? Do you create a movie in the mind of your customer? Something that sings to who they are? Use words that wrap around and hold your customer warm and comfortable?

It's not about full scripts. Just scripting small chunks so you can make the greatest impact.

When you script these important pieces you consciously affect your customer's thought.

You move the fulcrum on the lever, allowing you to move more with less effort.

Words have power.

Use them with intention.

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