Your Don't Do List

Don't do list to keep your personal integrityOne of the hardest things for many people to do is say, "No." This is most often true with tiny elephants.

The reasons vary from person to person.

You want to be helpful.

You don't want to let people down.

You don't want to miss the opportunity.

Whatever your reason, saying "Yes" to one thing means you're saying no to thousands of other opportunities.

One way to battle this is to create your Don't Do List.

This is a list of things you won't do.

If you find yourself doing things because your assistant can't do it as well as you, it's time to stop and let your assistant get better. Or, an even better idea, you can become happy with 80%.

If you're going to events you don't want to attend, put them on your list. Create a criteria for events worth attending and script how you can diffuse the request without offending the person asking.

If you're replying to emails at all hours of the day, and hurting time with your family, put this on your list. Maybe put an out of office reply until people realize you won't instantly respond anymore.

We all have things in our life, and business, that we do but don't need to be the one doing it. Or it's not as urgent as we think. These are perfect for your Don't Do List.

As the world becomes more complex your Don't Do List will become more important to you. To your sanity. To creating a successful business and living a life on purpose.

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