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It’s Just Like When You Really Want To Persuade Someone

Using a metaphor is one of the best ways to really drive home your message. It's like greasing the path for your ideas so they slide into your customer more easily and without resistance.

I'm constantly working on my storytelling. It's an area any persuader should begin mastering. However, not all metaphors need to be long stories.

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Persuasion Is A Beautiful Art

Persuasion is a beautiful art. It's one of those things that not everyone can do well. And, those that do it well often do it by accident. It's an elegant dance that can be learned when you break the individual pieces down and analyze them.

When you think of persuasion, influencing or selling, you probably think of the manipulative used car sales type. We've all seen the stereotypical slick salesperson obviously out to part you from as much of your money as possible without considering your desires or providing real value. That's not what I like or encourage.

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