It's Not Your Fault

It's not your faultThere’s a tightly held marketing secret I might let you in on. You’ve never heard of it because it’s closely guarded by those with serious marketing chops.

But don’t feel bad you didn’t know. It’s not your fault.

Do you know what else is not your fault?

• It's not your fault the economy is bad.

• You can’t find time to do what you want.

• It's not your fault you're fat.

• You’re not successful yet.

• You’re unhappy.

• Your marketing doesn't work.

• You’re nervous around strangers.

• You can't get 'it' up.

• You can't make new friends.

• You’re depressed.

Nope. And it’s not your fault...

• You can't keep your house clean.

• You can't figure out how to grow your business.

• Your kids are always in trouble.

• You can't operate a computer.

• You paid too much for your house.

• You lack confidence.

• You paid too much for your car.

• You can't get your kids to do what you want.

• You pay too much for your insurance.

• You’re not skinny.

• Men don't fall at your feet and worship you.

• Women don't fall at your feet and worship you.

• You can't get your employees to do what you need.

• You can't get your spouse to do what you want.

• You don’t have a college education.

• Your customers aren't loyal like in the "good ole days."

• Your teeth aren't white enough.

It's still not your fault...

• You’re not rich.

• You’re unable to run a mile without losing your breath.

• You can't quit smoking (drinking, whatevering).

• You can't hit a golf ball straight.

• You can’t hit a golf ball, period.

• You don't understand people.

• The conservatives are ruining your country.

• The liberals are ruining your country.

• The independents are ruining your country.

• Religion is ruining society.

• Atheists are ruining society.

Again, it’s not your fault...

• Your life isn't perfect.

• You can't give a speech in front of a room without a panic attack and nervously sweating.

• Your clothes don't match and are out of style.

• Your company isn’t the market leader.

• You’re a small business.

• You never got the right training.

• Your manager is worthless.

• Your coworkers are worthless.

• You’re tired.

• You can’t focus.

• Your upside down in debt.

• You’re held back because you don’t have a college degree.

• Nope. None of those are your fault.

• If only you knew the secrets. You could have everything. And more.

It's not your fault.


Or, is that what your customer thinks? It’s not their fault.

Oh yeah, the marketing secret. Did you figure it out?

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