Why You’ll Learn To Love Pain

Pain motivation-medicineAs I write this, I’m experiencing incredible pain in my rotator cuff. I’ve taken a handful of ibuprofen to help but it’s still screaming at me to stop writing. Sitting still doesn’t stop the pain, so I continue to write.

I rarely take ibuprofen, or any other medication. But I hurt. Bad.

Tomorrow I have an MRI and Xray scheduled. Hopefully I’ll find out what is going on. I hate going to the doctor. But I hurt.

The pain has been growing for the last couple months. I need to find out what it is and stop the pain. I need a solution.

Your Customer Is In Pain

People are motivated two ways: to gain pleasure and to avoid pain.

For example, you want to increase your sales because you want to earn more money. You could be motivated by pleasure (what the money could buy: vacation, fun things, etc.) or avoid pain (you’re getting behind on your bills or you're not earning enough to buy toys like all the cool kids are playing with and don't want to feel inferior anymore). Most likely it's a combination to avoid pain and gain some benefit.

As you dive in and swim around the mind of your customer, you'll find many reasons why they're searching your solutions. When you bump into the driving pain points, don't skim over them.

When you find a wound, stick your finger in it and jiggle it around. Aggravate the wound so he understands his pain.

You may be a little uncomfortable discussing the pain points because you don't want to scare away your customer. That's a normal fear. Tread with care.

But, "tread through the muck, you must!" (For maximum impact, read it again with Yoda’s voice)

Your Customer Will Walk To Seek Pleasure But He Will Run Your Direction To Avoid Pain!

Imagine your customer is in a room with six doors of opportunity. You can entice him with all the benefits about why he should choose your door.

As you continue promising unicorns and rainbows he slowly begins walking towards the door you want. But, benefits aren't always enough to get him to turn the handle and walk through.

Pain Motivation - Fire in a roomOn the other hand...

What if you notice a small spark in the center of the room? As you fan the spark it turns into a small fire. The fire begins to grow, burn hotter, and start spreading throughout the room. Your customer finally understands he needs to run from this room or else he will perish.

He’s in pain. Now you simply point to your door as the best opportunity for salvation. He'll run, open the door, and jump through to stop the pain.

This is why I say:

Your Customer Will Walk To Seek Pleasure But He Will Run Your Direction To Avoid Pain!  Tweet This

Tread with Care

Naturally, as I said, you want to use this with care. Would you hold your hand still as I poured salt and lemon juice into an open cut? Probably not. (Unless you pay for that type of abuse. I'm not judging. Whatever floats your boat.)

It’s going to be uncomfortable for your customer to talk about his pain. But he needs to experience the pain to become motivated!

As you pay attention and test where, when, and how it works. You'll find more customers aren't simply shaking your hand and saying "thank you" for your help. When you find a cure for his pain he’ll run into your arms for a long, emotional bear hug and cry "thank you, where have you been all my life."

Now, I ask you, "Have you thought about how much money you've lost by skimming over the pain your prospects feel?" I'd continue expanding on how much you’ve lost but you realize what you've missed out on. I'm sure you'll expand on it on your own now. Smiley

What’s your thought?

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