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Ah yes, the subtle art of persuasion.

Persuasive techniques to get into the minds of others so you can sell them your ideas, your products, or your services.

Persuasive techniques include simple things, like a genuine smile across your face, to help you get agreement. They also involve the more complex understandings of the unconscious processes behind the groups and individuals you want to influence.

Negotiation skills are different than group presentation skills. Covert persuasion techniques used in face-to-face selling are different than persuasive writing techniques. Yet, all of them involve using persuasive language patterns, influencing skills, and psychological techniques in unique ways.

Below are articles (from most recent to oldest) on persuasive techniques to help you increase your influence skills in whatever area you’re searching.

Read around. If you don’t find something about the persuasive techniques you’re looking for, just contact me with your questions and I’ll do what I can to help.


The herd has been officially recognized. Merriam-Webster finally placed the word "sheeple" in their dictionary. Finally, we recognize those we love with a coveted place in the dictionary. The thing that tickled me the most is the example about Apple users being sheeple. (See the image) I’m sure there are a lot of Apple fans […]

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The Jolt Of Attention

What quickly gets your attention and makes you snap out of your daily trance? I can tell you what happened to me while walking this morning. I’m almost home. I’m listening to a marketing seminar and wrapped up in the story being told through my earbuds. A bee buzzed by my face. It didn’t bother […]

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Sales and Negotiation Go Together Like...

Is there a difference between selling and negotiation? A little. But the differences are few and small. Kwame Christian recently interviewed me for the Negotiation for Entrepreneurs podcast. I shared how they negotiation and sales fit together like to snug Lego blocks. It was a blast to open up with Kwame. And, as I said […]

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Listening: The Hardest Sales Skill To Master

I was working with a salesperson on her client conversation. She was newer to sales and wants to kill it in her industry. We spent a lot of time discussing how and what to ask. Questions drive everything, and keep you in control of your conversations. We generated a list of questions to help keep […]

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You Gots The Feels?

Emotions are a wonderful thing. Except when they’re not. Some emotions flow through us and don’t feel great: Anger, frustration, sadness, boredom, among many more. On the flip side we have those emotions that we thrive to experience more often: Love, ecstasy, joy, amusement, wonder, and many other tingling good feels. We label those that […]

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The Illusion Of Choice

In sales, there’s a strategy called the Illusion of choice. It’s a very simple and effective technique to gain compliance. Your give your prospect the choice of two options. But, both options lead to them moving forward, in the direction you want. Instead of two different options or a “Yes” or “No” option, both options […]

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