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Rituals and Inertia

You wake up and what's the first thing you do? If you're like most people, do you go to the bathroom? It's a ritual you complete before anything else. It's a biologically required ritual. But it's a ritual. I'll bet you have certain patterns around this first ritual of the day, too. Yes. Even your […]

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Prison Thinking

In prison, you're stuck in your cell a big chunk of the day. You get a limited amount of time for anything else. If you only had 15 minutes each day to work on your business, what would you do during that time? Putz around on social media? Work on the line spacing on your […]

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You Want To Listen To This Interview

(clearing my throat) Step right up folks… Who wants marketing tricks and secrets? What about really true sales tips? The facts? You know, the things that really work. Or another marketing cliché that gets mucho clicks but little substance? Except this link will give you substance. It’s not just a clickbait headline. A couple weeks […]

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Be Like Hulk

Bruce Banner only becomes the Hulk when he’s angry. He has to keep that anger in check. If not, he transforms into the Hulk and destroys everything in sight. There’s a scene in The Avengers when the Hulk is needed. Captain America says to Bruce, "Dr. Banner, now would be a good time for you […]

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A Brilliant Use Of Words

I’m sitting on an uncomfortable bench with a couple dozen other parents. Our kids just finished their karate belt test and the dojo’s sensei is talking to us. His gray hair and soft-spoken manner make him seem more like an aged hippie than a black belt in karate. He’s explaining the dojo’s philosophy. How they […]

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Nothing Bad Ever Happens To Me

Nothing bad ever happens to me. Why should I care? - Oingo Boingo Last week was the summer solstice. The longest day of the year (and hottest day this year, yet). And, this occurred during the 3 days we were without air conditioning in our home. I wrote about it last week. I received replies […]

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