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24 Persuasive Techniques To Instantly Improve Your Ability To Influence Others

So you want to become more persuasive and influence others. Maybe you want to make more sales. Or you need to influence your boss, or employees. Or you need to get your clients to follow your advice. The following 24 persuasive techniques will give you additional leverage and instantly amplify your ability to influence others. […]

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Checking Out, With ThriveCart

Credit card companies have changed the way they process credit cards at the store. All stores now have the chip reader card machines. It gives them an extra layer of security. You used to be able to swipe your card while the clerk is ringing up your purchase. You didn’t have to wait for everything […]

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Turn Up The Heat

Tuesday afternoon I turned my air conditioner down one degree to make it just a bit more comfortable in the house. As I pressed the button I thought to myself, "I hope the air conditioner lasts through the summer without problems." Well, guess what? About an hour later I realized I felt warmer. Then I […]

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The Questions You Ask Determine Your Results

I occasionally visit forums and Facebook groups that interest me. I like to read the questions asked. Sometimes I’ll add my opinion and help out. Sometimes I drop a smart-ass comment (they’re often the same). What amazes me is how many people ask terrible questions. You would think I would stop being surprised with the […]

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Want A Viral Product? You Want To Leverage The Network Effect First

I’ve read a few books, and too many blog posts, on how things go viral. They use examples like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as viral success stories. Then they try to work backwards to find the 'triggers' you can use to make a viral product. Well, those all have one thing in common that […]

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Pulling Unconscious Triggers

It’s summertime and I’m enjoying the heat outside. While we were swimming a bee buzzed by my head. Instantly my hand flew up and started waving in the air to swat it away. No thought. My hand and arm just acted on its own. Slapping at the air and hitting nothing. I probably looked a […]

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